Monday, March 14, 2011

I Hate E-Mail

I don't even want to check the damn thing anymore.

E-Mail is how I get updates on my daughter.

I'm so fuckin mad... oh I can't tell you...

The "medical updates" aren't just that... they are chocked full of insinuations of neglect.

The newest scoop of poop is about how according to Dani's immunization records she hasn't had any shots since 1999 when she was five. I got the usual chastising that I have come to expect from Kay.

My chin hit the floor.... WTF!!!!????

My stupid brains started churning... shit... I know she's had all of her immunizations. I remember getting notes from the schools as to what she was due for... There was one when she was 12.. I think and another when she was 14.... fuck me... where are the damned receipts???...( in our storage shed perhaps?... arghhh)

Most of kids immunizations are given before they are five. There's only a few boosters after that. I think.... I don't know, my mind is spinning... am I wrong?

I've been losing my mind...

This is NOT helping.

This woman is weird about medication, weird to me, she LOVES it... Oh she's insisted that Dani get the HPV shots too (Is that part of the shots that I have supposedly missed?)... I just don't know. I don't know.

I am not happy about the HPV shots because it's just too new, and I don't see it as being necessary.

How many things like this come out and then after a decade or so they find that it's detrimental to your health? Personally, I just do not have any faith at all in the FDA of the United States.

At this point all I know is that I'm fit to be tied.

I don't want to hear from this woman anymore.

I've made a decision.

I'm not getting any information from Kay about my daughter here.... I'm getting bashed over the head on pretty regular basis at this point.

I'm getting all this crap about how I could've gotten her insurance through the state.. like she did for her kids...well.. no I couldn't... you know why? Because I have been WORKING and she is not employed. I was EARNING too much money to get help. She lives off of the state... When you look at the big picture? Well, MY TAXES have been paying her way.

I am done with it.

This means really losing all contact with my daughter.

But you know what?.... I already have,  so I am not giving up anything... I've already lost my daughter.

I do not want to hear from this woman again... and I do not have to.

That is one thing that I can fix.... very easily.  


  1. You can contact her school and get a copy of her shot record. She can't go to school without it. I could not enroll my son in school until he got the required shots. It was free at the health department. Every state is different on their shot requirements, but they won't let them in school unless you have the shots. Your daughter is only going to be on state insurance for another year. I don't think they will do it after 18. Block the lady you won't get her emails. Let her call the X.

  2. I have copies of her shot records, I just cannot find the updated ones.. I'm sure they're is this box in storage... And yes, I remember having to get her boosters before I could enroll her in school here. I took her to the clinic.

    I wrote her a note telling her to contact Jake with any further "information"... and I deleted that email account.. (it was a gmail account and there isn't an option to block people on it)