Saturday, November 27, 2010

Too Much Turkey

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year.

Probably the best part about it is that we actually had one... Last year, for the first time in my life, ever, I was not able to do a dinner... at all... I wasn't even able to come home for Thanksgiving last year. I was stranded up in Twilight after working and unable to get a ride home. While I was searching for a warm place to sleep, Wally and Dani were eating ramen noodles.... and that is why I did not write anything here during last winter... It was a bad winter... 

This year I invited Tony and his best friend over and the man (and the man's son) they live with. Tony and his friend came over. They were going to bring another turkey but it turned out that they ended up leaving at their home for the others. That was fine since we had plenty here. 

Tony's best friend has been a bit abrasive in the past, and I have been a bit insulting to him... but it was Thanksgiving and time to put all of that aside... 

He brought over deviled eggs. He was reading my mind there because I really wanted some, but was really too tired to make any. 

I had gotten up at 7am Wednesday morning, then I left here at 6pm to work at Nature's from 7pm- 7:30am. It had started snowing at 1am that morning, so by the time I got off of work I had to dig the car out and drive home in miserable weather.... the worst part was not really being able to see where the road was.... I made it home about 8:30am and we were already starting to cook. 

Tony and his buddy came over late in the evening and we had our dinner. The deviled eggs were amazing. They were out of paprika so he substituted cayenne pepper and cinnamon... yeah... It sounds odd... but I'm telling you.. it....was.....fabulous... in a delicious way. 

For the first time in years my gravy did not turn out... *sigh*... It just never got thick... I don't understand it. I think I did it like I always do... but by then I had been going for about 36 hours with no sleep... so I dunno.

I was getting very tired but luckily Tony's best friend was being charming and interesting... instead of annoying.... so all was well with the world.... 

I didn't make it to bed that night. I totally crashed on the couch. 

Last night I didn't make it to bed either... I was awake through the night and in the early morning. 

Today has been misery. Wally won't speak to me. I am miserable. 

So that is the way that is... 

He's upset because I haven't come to bed the past couple of nights.... and that's the way that is.... 

I guess it should be easy for me to work night shifts and then on my days off just flip over and sleep nights. 

I does not work that way... not for me... 

We've been through this before. I see no point in trying to explain myself here... but here we go... one more time... 

He won't budge from his regular sleep schedule... midnight to 7am... and that is fine... there's no reason to change it. 

I am normally working during those hours... I was when I was at Twilight, and I am now. 

It isn't anything personal. I love sleeping beside my man and I want to be there... but it's HARD to flop my hours around constantly. 

I'm really tired. 

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