Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Typical B-Ham B-S

What a day...

I am TRYING to get stuff done. 

I have realized OH SO CLEARLY that it so easy to QUIT stuff here but SO hard to pursue anything. 

I called about pulling Dani out of school... they were damn near tripping over themselves... yes YES! It's so easy! Just have her turn in her books and we'll take her right out! They were like, Yippeee!!! Yaaahhhh Whooooooo! 

Their reaction had me in shock. 

What the heck? Aren't they supposed to reason with me? Shouldn't this be a fight? Aren't they supposed to at LEAST ask me WHY I'm pulling my 16 year old daughter out of public school this year?

But no... that didn't happen. Freeking figures. I was mentally armed for bear and ready to tell them "what was what"... geez... I didn't even get to tell anybody off... They were so nice... It was soooooooo disappointing. 


Then I called the UNION. I had to leave a message of course. I quit Twilight and I need to get my withdraw card. 

I got a call back, not from my rep, but from another lady. 

Truthfully, I think that "my" rep was afraid to speak to me. I called her freaking out after Mr Dumass All-American left me one nasty note too many.

So, I got a call from her grunt... 

Well, I still have to pay Oct, Nov and Dec dues PLUS a FEE to get my withdraw card. 

Uh..... WHAT?


Oh good, at least I get to tell somebody off today! Let'r rip!

WHAT? I quit the first week of October... WHY do I have to continue paying dues AFTER that point????

"Oh, well if you ever want to return to work for Twilight again," she started and I cut her right off, "I will NEVER WORK FOR TWILIGHT AGAIN," I was seething... she was silent for a moment, then...

Blah, blah, blah, oh wait a minute... no you won't owe for December... You were paid up on your dues... so you owe partial payments for October and November... oh PLUS the fee.

I quit on October 9th... I can sort of understand having to pay Octobers dues... sort of... I don't understand 22 dollars worth of dues for 9 days... 

Oh good.... I don't have to pay.... Decembers... dues... huh? Back the truck up...

Why should I have to pay THIS months dues? For November?  I have not worked there this month! 


Yep, that's the way it goes... If I don't pay it then IF I ever take another bakery job that is UNION (which is just about all of them now across the country) then I will have to pay initiation fees all over again plus more fees... UNLESS I pay two months worth of dues for time that I WAS NOT WORKING at this company. 

Have I mentioned how much I love working UNION jobs? Sarcasm sarcasm... 

I have learned that there really isn't a way to fight it... All they do is take your money and do nothing for you that you aren't already covered by federal law for while they tell you about all these great things they are doing for you. 

The minute you call them with a problem they don't answer their phone... and there is no other way to contact them... there is no website... no emails... no addresses... just a phone number and an extension and "leave a message at the beep"... beeeeeeeep! 

I just freeking hate this crap and it irks me to the tenth degree. 

I guess I am spoiled. I worked for 13 years for an excellent company. It was privately owned. I owned a little part of it. It was not UNION infested.... I miss it now. I wish I hadn't messed that up. 

Lesson learned... dammit...

So then I called a lawyer that I was given a reference to... 

He seemed interested and I was to call back for a phone consultation at 3pm. 

I called at 3pm. 

I got an answering machine. 

I left a message.

I called back at 3:30... left another message. 

Umkay... this is B S.... 

I am sick of THIS place and THESE people!

Just thinking out loud... really... trying to restrain myself... 

I'm sorry my ugly head is appearing to tell everyone to f*ck off but it's been a totally frustrating day... 

I would love to deal with just ONE person in this AREA that is not an entire FLAKE!



What in the world  is WRONG with these people?  

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