Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just A Job

The catering job turned out to be sweet. 

Yes, it was... just... my... cup... of... tea...

It was a long day as we loaded into a van at 6am to ride to Seattle to serve 750 grocer supplier employees.

Once there we set up an outdoor kitchen under tents, long banquet tables that we fully decorated and prepared chaffing dishes that would hold the food all day. 

It was exciting. It's what I know how to do, inside and out, and it was easy... compared to the labor jobs I've had... easy money.... and very much fun...

The thing with Nature's got cleared up. Just as fast as I was dismissed from there, I was invited back. Not in the main plant though. Now, I've been assigned to the "barline", which is fine with me. 

The barline is different. It's easy. There's no heavy lifting. It's a stand-in- one- place-and-shove-granola-bars-in-a-box job. It's mind numbing. It's very boring. After a while your feet and back start to kill you. You rip your hands to shreds even wearing gloves... but it is a job.

1 comment:

  1. Kim, hang in there...let's hope this is a good trend which will last indefinitely.

    I'm sending my best hopes and wishes that this upturn in your life will continue.

    *hugs Kim very bigly*