Sunday, December 26, 2010

Abnormal Life

The past couple of weeks have been weird... abnormal doesn't even seem to cover it...

We've been living in the apartment still... although it is empty... no beds, no blankets, no cookware...

A trip to the food bank got us food. The trick was to figure out how to cook it. Everything we have is packed and stored. We did have some cookie sheets, tin foil and pizza pans left here that we had forgotten. Yes indeed, I was scrambling eggs in the oven and slicing cheese with a pocketknife and we were all eating it with plastic Fozzy The Bear forks.

I've been continuing to work as much as I can, but I hit a roadblock when my car payment came due and I didn't have enough money to pay it.

I bought the car used and it is hooked up with a device that's connected to the ignition. If you don't make the payment on time, the car will not start.

I've called Jake basically begging him to send child support. He can't. He just got out of the hospital from having hernia surgery. I continued to call and pester him. He said he'd send something... over a week later now, and nothing was ever sent. He just said it to shut me up.

So, last Thursday the car would not start. We've been having to walk and do the bus-thing.

I started out being optimistic that I would still be able to work some, but the one day that I was called in, they called me too late to catch the last bus out to get there... I quickly lost my enthusiasm for that idea.

I kept going to Blob-Life to donate plasma. It is a ten minute trip there by car, about an hour to donate, so it usually takes about an hour and a half.

Without a car I have a 20 minute walk to catch the bus, 10 minute ride, another 15 minute walk, then I have to wait because I've gotten there early for my appointment, an hour to donate, another 15 minute walk back to the bus station where I usually have a wait of 15-45 minutes for the next bus back, 10 minute ride, and finally a 20 minute walk home.

It takes about three and a half hours without a car.

I've been glad to do it though. I need the money. I've been lucky too, as I've been on the border-line for being able to donate as my blood pressure has sky-rocketed again, my iron levels have plummeted and I've dropped five more pounds suddenly.

I spent the better part of another morning going down to get my food stamps reinstated. I hadn't planned on this. I thought I wasn't going to need them anymore when I got that super kitchen manager job... haha! Not being paid from that job kind of ruined those plans!

It was another long walk in frigid weather early in the morning to get the first bus... more walking and then waiting outside until they opened the doors. Two hours later though, I had success. Food stamps again, (for one month anyway) I had to sigh in relief.

Dani sleeps on the floor in her room, Wally on the floor in the living room and I've been the lucky one taking the couch. We've slept in our clothes and covered up with our robes, jackets or other clothes. 

We have blankets in our storage and I've been wanting to go get them, but... it means a long walk and carrying them back. I know it seems silly to make do without... we have all just been sliding down this dirty mountain of discouragement and forfeiting everything.  

We're playing a waiting game. How much longer can we stay here? Will the police come and arrest us?

We've been walking on eggshells. Our home is quiet. There is no music here. We're afraid to come and go.

The birds don't visit us anymore. We took the suet feeder down when I could no longer afford to fill it, over a month ago.

All I can look forward to is getting my next paycheck and being able to get the car running. We have to have the car at least....

The first moment that I was starting to relax a little and feel somewhat normal, I was in the restroom and it occurred to me to look for Dani's earrings that she'd lost. I looked around and then came out asking, "Dani? Did you ever find those..." and cut short by what I saw.

Dani was standing there with the front door open facing a Sheriff.

I walked up to the door and he handed me some papers.

He sort of choked, "You're being evicted," then he turned and left.


  1. Kim, you are a strong woman. You have love on your side. You'll get through this.

    I believe in you with all my heart...please don't lose hope.

    I send my love and all good wishes...

  2. A thought...does your state have a child support recovery department? Wages can be garnished.

    Jake is OBLIGATED to send that child support.

    I hope you can get his cooperation one way or another.