Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Moving On Down

A nightmare of a day...

We had to move... We had no place to go.

Wally, Danielle and I worked together to pack. The mood was... weird... to say the least... stupid jokes... nervous laughter. I try to tell Dani not to worry when I am scared to pieces myself.

A major problem came to light, the truck we had planned to borrow had broken down. How will we move our beds? I just need to get them down to our rented storage place.

I placed an ad online and amazingly within minutes I got a reply. A local woman came by with her truck and helped us move them in exchange for ten bucks. I felt bad not being able to give her more and offered her whatever she wanted of our furniture. She took our TV and wicker rocking chair and said that she'd keep them for us until we had a new place, basically store them for us. The rest? She just shook her head and told me that she was "rather picky" and she didn't want anything that we had.

I was so relieved to see Tony show up a short while later and he ended up taking most of the rest of our furniture to put it in his buddy's storage. (Nothing else would fit in ours... you couldn't fit an envelope in there)

In the middle of it all I got a call from Blob-Employ, could I work at Nature's tonight? Uh.... I cannot turn down work, no matter how badly timed it is.... dammit...

We finished up... went down the road to rent a motel room and I went to work....

Okay, what I mean is we went to the place that advertises the cheapest rooms in town and they promptly charged us 60 bucks ( outrageous! ) for ALMOST the crappiest room I have ever seen (Moss Point Best Western in Mississippi was the worst)

I asked Wally to drive me in to work because I was a wreck and to top it off my windshield wipers stopped working. I live in a place where it rains 99% of the time and my wipers won't work????

Then I ended up being sent home after only working four hours.

I stood out in the parking lot in the freezing rain waiting for Wally to come pick me up and started wondering... why did I even bother to try to work today?...

When Wally got me back to the motel Dani was sleeping and I was astounded to see that it looking like the entire car had been unpacked and had exploded all over the room.

Sixty dollars gone... won't have enough money left to do a weekly rate somewhere else now...

What will I do?

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