Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm cuttin' right to the crap today.

I am being HARASSED at work.

I have been singled out, and continually poked with a stick for a year and a half. 

I am like a large wound that has a big tough scab on it and THESE PEOPLE keep picking at this scab making it sore... but they won't leave it alone.. oh noooo... they just keep picking and picking at it. 

Now it has started to bleed. 

I went in this morning to find a nasty note from my manager. This is not the first note that I have received. I have gotten many.

I'm not sure if I can really talk about the contents of the note. My head just might blow off...

I know... for now I'll just put it like this... the note was ORDERING me to do a task that another manager had just ordered me NOT to do anymore AND that I'd signed papers for TWICE acknowledging that I understood the procedure and this certain task was the bakery managers responsibility to complete.

I think that sums it up rather well...  

Then I went to turn on my fryer only to find... that it didn't have ONE DROP of shortening in it. 

SOMEONE had opened the valve ALL THE WAY and drained all of the oil into the straining pump reservoir underneath. Now it was hardened WITH all of the pump apparatus IN IT of course. 


There is NO WAY for this to have been an accident or equipment failure. Someone opened that valve SOOOOOOO far the damn knob was ready to FALL OFF... 


Thanks guys... THIS is REALLY funny. 


I went ahead with normal production.. muffins in the oven, bagels, kaisers and danish prepped and put in the proofbox, donuts set-up and put in the proofbox as I pondered what in the hell to do about the fryer...

I had to take care of this FAST... not make a mess... and do it safely... God forbid if I should ever get seriously hurt in this retarded place.. ME??? I'd get SPECIAL treatment. I'd probably get verbally reprimanded by 10 different managers, written up, threatened to be fired, suspended indefinitely without pay, and denied worker's comp while laying in the hospital with third degree burns... I can see it now... 

I cranked the fryer up and dropped in a bit of fresh shortening to get it started, pulled the reservoir all the way out, threw cardboard all over the floor and donned goggles, my burn sleeves and thermal gloves to start digging the hardened grease out of the reservoir and get it into the fryer. 

I soon discovered that just dropping it into the fryer like that was not safe and also back breaking. So I started heaping it onto donut screens and lowering them into the fryer... We're talking about 50 pounds worth of shortening here... so it took me a couple of minutes... heh... yeah...

By the time Newbie got there at 4am I was frying donuts and tears were starting to fall... He's a kid (and an alien from the world of Twilight Zone) so he seemed quite puzzled by me. Wut?

I got home and started writing letters... Everyone in the world is going to hear from me. There is a lot more to this than just a few angry notes from my boss...

I was falsely accused and suspended for three weeks in February. I didn't do anything wrong. It was proven that I did not do anything wrong. They have refused to compensate me at all for that. My Union filed a grievance but that was dropped because the company threatened to fire me if it was pursued.

I been written up for things that are not my responsibility to do. I have had my time card taken from me (and LOST) by store management. I've been stopped while I am off the clock to be verbally reprimanded. (I will no longer grocery shop at my store for that reason.) I have been threatened so many times about losing my job that I am numb to it.  

I want to sue the company. I want to file formal harassment charges.

I am completely OVER this... I am done.

I have to go in to work tonight at 1am to do a whopping 5 hour shift. ( yeah buddy, THAT will pay the rent!. pfft...) Then I have two days off... to get things done. 

I'm going to start seriously looking for other employment and look for a lawyer. 

Freeking A-holes...

Now.. *deep breath*.... Where is my chocolate? 



  1. Kim, I strongly suggest you get some cups and saucers you don't want and smash the suckers against a wall; you've got a lot of rage inside that you need to git rid of. Smack a pillow around. Anything.

    Then it sounds like you do need legal representation; to work without compensation is twenty kinds of wrong, and your employer knows it.

    Dang it, I wish I were closer; you need friends supporting and encouraging you during this wretched situation.

    Do your best, do what you can, and know a friend is behind you all the way.

  2. Quite right Marge I do have a lot a rage inside of me and to tell you the truth it is why I quit blogging. I found that everything I wrote was either dripping with venom or just flat out pathetic.

    Last winter was really.. and I DO mean really BAD...

    I'm so thankful to have a friend like you!

    There are other friends too that I've been getting emails from.. they warm my heart.

    I'm really pretty lucky.

  3. That’s usually the first thing to do when you have concerns in the workplace: go to HR and make an official report. Regarding the 5-hour overtime from 1 am onwards, I think it’s best to consult an employment lawyer.

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