Friday, September 10, 2010

Just An Ordinary Day

A new blog for a new time in my life... 

Hey what can I say?... I couldn't remain at LiveJournal since they want to force commercials upon us. Also, I cannot be "KZ's Window" anymore. I'm still nuts, but I'm no longer KZ... As times are changing, so am I. 

Sorry about the white font and the oh-so-busy background... I will fix it. I promise... I'll make it easier to read as soon as I get used to this new format.

I have missed writing... It has always been such a huge part of my life. I'm glad to be back to it.

I am dreaming again, so I must write again to sort my dreams out and figure out what to pursue. 

I am still upset over yesterday and the ordeal at Dani's school. I still cannot believe that the people here can be so ignorant. How can anyone   ( with half of a brain) mistake M&M candies for drugs? How could they just go right on and tell her she was expelled, and call me and tell me what is happening, before they knew any facts. How could they call the police in (to look at the candy) before they even smushed one to discover... chocolate?

Don't these people have kids? Don't these people work with kids everyday? Shouldn't they have a finger on the pulse of what teenagers are doing today? 

Doesn't everybody know the difference between an M&M candy and a tablet of Extacy? 

It's just so stupid I want to vomit... AND write a nice long note to Washington State's School Board. 

You know, sometimes I am glad I never went to college. It seems like some college educated people have mashed potatoes for brains... ( of course I am kidding... I always wanted further education and that's a sore spot for me.. but still... it is a thought that I've had more than once)

Dani was rather tearful as she got home yesterday. We pulled her out halfway through the day. She was to be marked as if she was present for the entire day. We will see. They probably cannot figure out how to do that.  

She's an excellent student and really wants nothing more than to graduate high school and proceed to college... ( oh dear.... well, maybe she'll get some knowledge and NOT lose all of her common sense in the process.. I'm hoping.) 

I worked last night and really it was so boring it's not worth talking about. 

Friday's are usually a nightmare. I walk into a disaster area, looks like a bomb went off in the bakery, nothing is clean, and then I have to unload a palate of frozen food by myself. (20-50 lb boxes, in a 4 foot square stack, 8 foot high) to get to what I need to start the day. What I need is ALWAYS on the bottom. 

Today? Yeah a bomb had dropped, but I didn't have to do a major workout this morning. They had brought up our frozen stuff and put it away all nice and handy. I was sooooo happy. It made the day go really smooth.

I'm dreaming of the Oregon coast... I want to see it... maybe even move there. I've been Googling it. 

Google rocks. 

I just feel like I'm done here... There isn't adequate work here (for what I really do) and we're really struggling. This town is dying... The people here don't realize it yet, but it is... so I'm thinking perhaps a tourist town on Oregon's Coast? 


  1. Kim, first of all, you might want to consider legal intervention. This is only a suggestion, of course; Dani's reputation may be affected and only a formal apology from the school may suffice.
    I tend to be pretty reactionary when people are mistreated as Dani was, so take this with a grain of salt, okay?
    What would Dani like to see happen? What would you and Wally want to see happen?

    I surely hope things work out for you guys.

    Thinking of you and sending the most positive of vibes...

  2. ...and it's so good to see you writing again!!!

    'Bout time!!!

    8 )

  3. Yeah darn right it's about time! HAHA!

    Thank you so much Marge.

    I really need someone to support me as I'm dippin' my toes back into this.

    I am thinking of legal intervention (in more ways than one... with my workplace also) as we have have many problems out here.

    The Pacific Northwest is a wild place.. They seem to have their own rules and they ignore federal laws... like tampering with timecards... you know, just little things like that. :/

  4. what id like to see happen is my school to grow a brain bigger than a dinosaurs :)

  5. haha!!! Cute Dani! Next time I guess I should log out.. :/ LOL!

  6. I am so glad you have a blog again. I don't read Facebook very often, so I just saw on there you have this. I missed you.

  7. I've totally missed you too Connie!

    Wally and I were just talking about how we don't see you much around FB...

    I'm so glad you found me :)

    I hope you're still blogging. I'd like to know what you're up to.