Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Help From Our Friends

I had to work again on Saturday so we were up before dawn and I dropped Wally off at the coffee shop and drove on in to work by myself for the first time in quite a while... 

I just have not felt like driving. It used to be one of my favorite things to do. Now it's almost as if I'm afraid to.

Wally wanted to stay in town because we had some friends coming down from Canada on their way to Seattle and he was going to meet up with them. Danielle also planned to be there.

I went on to work at the cereal place. First thing during our briefing we were told that the temps would probably be sent home early. That brought mixed emotions for me. I need the work but it also would've been nice to be with Wally and Dani and meet up with all the girls. 

About a half hour into my shift they sent me over to the barline. I knew I'd be working a full day then and I found myself to be quite happy about it, plus I really like working on the barline anyway. It is easier work and the time flies by. 

The day turned out to be pretty good as I was working with some outgoing enthusiastic people and we all just had fun together as we worked. I also made a friend it seems. This woman just sort of latched onto me and we ended up spending our breaks and lunches together and talked about everything under the sun.

I ran across some great quality shiny white cardboard. It was going into recycling so I asked if I could have some of it and they told me take whatever I wanted. Yes! It will be perfect for artwork. I've had some ideas floating around in my head, but no decent paper to put it on. 

I was also able to take a box of peanut-butter-chocolate rice bars with me. So, I was in a rather good mood as I headed back to town to meet Wally at a local grocery store at 8pm.

Wally was spilling over with news too and started filling me in about what happened during his day. Our friends brought along with them a bit of help for us... I was flooded with relief... Now I wouldn't have to worry about running out of gas and not being able to work anymore before I get my next check...

They brought us a care package full of surprisingly thoughtful things... hand warmers, hair bands, toothbrushes, tissue... things we need, things we cannot find since we've been mobile... the rest?... My head was just swimming... I was too tired to think... can't afford to make another mistake (like the way-too-expensive hotel room we got a while back)...

Final decision... Let's not spend a dime... except we must get fuel...

We headed back to the parking lot and pulled in amongst our new "neighbors". I noticed that it was getting markedly colder as we rearranged the contents of the car and snuggled up in the backseat.

I pulled out my book to read for a while until I could get sleepy. I read and dozed. Then as I glanced at the window I noticed that large snowflakes were pelting against it. Snow.


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  1. Kim, little by little things will get better. Expect them to.

    Please know that I continue to send my best, most positive thoughts and wishes your way, and my belief that you and your family will not only endure your hard times, but you will be stronger because of them.

    I send lots of love and hopes for better times for you, Wally, and your family!