Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today Was Different

I woke up this morning in the backseat of the car. I was slumped over sideways, Wally's head was resting on my hip. It's gotten warmer, thank goodness. No ice on the interior of the windows, just condensation. My knees hurt. I can't stretch out. My back hurts, I can't lay down all the way.

I want fried eggs. I don't care how they are cooked. I pushed that thought from my head. I won't be having eggs today... 

We slept in late. It was 7:30. We need to get out of here. We're worried about being a problem. We don't want a problem, we only want a safe place to park.

We went to the coffee shop. Time went too fast.

We left. What do we do now? I'm hungry. 

I need to find a way to get cleaned up. I have a catering gig tonight. We stopped by where Dani is staying. Dani wasn't there and Kay wasn't there. Okay... So... I'm not going to call any of my "friends" here to ask if I can come over to shower. I'm not telling anyone I'm homeless. I don't want to see the look on their face, and really... I don't want them thinking... and they will think... 

It reminds me of the book that I'm reading about a young woman that came from the east coast to the west coast to a small town in Alaska and she had a lot of trouble fitting in. She said that it didn't matter what your intentions were but it DID matter what it looked like. Quite right. I can totally relate. 

Let's go ahead and get a hotel room for tonight I suggested. I'd really rather save it for a time when I could enjoy it more, but I have to get cleaned up. Wally needs it too. 

Hey! We can get some frozen food to microwave! So we did... lasagna and bread sticks.

My hair was a rats nest. I try to keep it brushed out but, I dunno what it is... sleeping in the car? I must be sleeping on my head and wiggling a lot. I wake up in the morning with a gnarled mess of hair on the back on my head. It's weird.

I have one small bag packed with real work clothes, one complete set of bakers whites, and one complete set of catering blacks, including underwear, socks and shoes. Ah yeah, my beloved black boots. 

It seemed like the next minute and I was clean, dressed sharply all in black, my hair soft and shiny, no make-up but I did find my black eye-liner.

The show is ON.

I throw a white towel over my arm, grab a hot plate of appetizers and handful of small napkins and hit the floor with my black boots clicking. 

The room is beautiful, dimly lit, candles on the tables, it's very stylish, hot, the music is funky. I almost feel like I'm AT the party instead of serving for it. 

I have to stand up straight, smile, walk fast, squeeze through the chairs... you really need to be thin to do these catering jobs. Tonight I was thin enough. 

I went through four trays of appetizers instantly, crab cakes, 2 of the mushroom tarts, then spring rolls... The fifth one I had trouble with. It was crustini with roast beef, caramelized onion and Ranier cherry...  

There was an appetizer buffet also with raw veggies and shrimp cocktail. 

We served a three course meal, plus clearing and fetching drinks. I had three tables, 8-tops, with a partner helping me.

In the kitchen I was offered one left over jumbo shrimp. Heaven... Heaven I tell you... 

Clearing the dinner dishes I was throwing half pieces of perfectly cooked fillet mignon in the garbage can. It was making me sick. 

After we cleared the plates for dessert we were sent home...


I came out to my car, had to open the passenger door to open the drivers door from the inside to get in. Pain in the ass. It was raining so I had to drive with my left blinker going constantly (like I'm a retard or something)  so that my windshield wipers will work. Ugh...

It's been a long time since I've had a car as crappy as this one. It looks okay but it seems that everything keeps breaking. Oh well, at least it's half-way paid for.

I come home to a hotel room that I must leave in a few hours to go to another job. A twelve hour shift. 

I need to sleep but I so much want to savor having a place to stay... having my shoes off... stretching out... I want to take another shower... mmmmm... maybe I'll just curl up in bed with my love... Oh I won't want to get up... 

Tomorrow will be different.


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  1. Thank God you had a little break, Kim; I hope this continues.

    Your stories are really teaching me to not take my life and the good things I have for granted.
    Steve and I don't have a fancy life, by any means, but it is a good one. We're getting by, just as a lot of people are doing today, but we don't go without the basic things that you and Wally do. Knowing that, my heart aches for you, Wally, and the other people who are surviving--barely--and nothing more.

    Kim, if you lived here; you would not go without. There would be comfort and the knowledge that your dignity matters, you would never face two days in a row wearing the same clothing, your hair would always be soft and shiny, and you and Wally would always have a nice place to rst at the end of the day.

    I am proud of you, Kim.

    You are my teacher, my hero, but most of all, you're my friend; thank you for honoring me with your friendship.

    I send my love, respects, and all the best wishes and hopes I have in my heart.