Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday Can Start Now

Well, there were no calls for work this weekend... that's the problem with "temp" work, it usually isn't there when you need it. 

I just bit the bullet and emailed Gina telling her I'd return to work there if she still needs me. I'd rather not go back... It just does not seem like a good idea. Another thing about the job that I did not mention before, is that I found out that she pays "under the table" to avoid taxes... at one time in my life that might've been okay, but now?... It is NOT okay at all... 

I'm just thinking maybe I should try to keep that door open... but I really don't care if she slams it shut in my face... 

I've just spent the weekend resting, sleeping, thinking, worrying and waiting for the phone to ring. 

Today I'm making plans for tomorrow. It'll be Monday and things will be open and I can get some stuff done. There are still a few resources for me to look into here... it just takes time to do it.

I want to call a lawyer, look for housing, look for work, there's a place downtown that will print my resumes for free, a trip back to the opportunity council place is in the plans, (they were a great help the last time I was struggling) and I should also stop into the food bank... 

There's also another "temp" agency in town... I don't think you're supposed to work for both temp places at the same time... but I'll find out... no harm in asking... and I'm feeling the need to get creative.   

Hoping that I'll be able to donate plasma tomorrow too. My arm has finally healed after almost two weeks of babying it... yes another burn... right after the elbow healed,  I fried the inside of my forearm (this time on the pita oven) ... geez I've been really good at getting myself burned the past couple of months.

Yes, all of these plans are made... unless I get called to work... and in that case I'll be working instead.  

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